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SERB Releases Annual Report

By Nelson Cary

Labor professionals working for public employers in Ohio may be interested in reviewing SERB’s annual report (pdf).  Ohio law requires SERB to issue a report on its operations.  Last week, SERB sent its report to Governor Kasich (R).  The report is also posted to its website.  Some of the notable highlights from the report include:

  • consolidation of the State Personnel Board of Review (SPBR) into SERB’s organizational structure;
  • implementation of a new Management and Docketing System and other technology upgrades in SERB’s operations; and
  • addressing what SERB termed an "important lapse in regulatory monitoring" in connection with the collection of reports from public employee unions containing specific information, including certain financial information from unions.

In addition, SERB’s annual report contains a number of tables containing statistical data of potential interest to the public sector labor professional.  These include summaries of:

  • the number and type of cases SERB handled during the fiscal year, and the outcomes of those cases (p. 9);
  • the activity in the Bureau of Mediation, including statistical outcomes for fact-finding reports (p.12);
  • representation case statistics (p.13); and
  • unfair labor practice case resolutions (p. 13).


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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional