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UAW Wins VW Election of Skilled Maintenance Workers

By Allen Kinzer

The UAW won the election to represent 165 skilled maintenance workers at VW’s Chattanooga facility.  There were 108 “yes” votes in favor of UAW representation and 44 “no” votes against the UAW.

VW appealed the NRLB Regional Director’s decision approving an election for a micro-unit of skilled maintenance workers.  Now, VW must decide whether to continue its appeal or recognize the UAW as the bargaining agent for the small unit.

If VW continues its appeal, then it will likely refuse to bargain with the UAW.  With such a refusal by VW, the UAW will then file an unfair labor practice charge against VW for refusing to bargain.  Then, the NLRB will issue an unfair labor practice complaint against VW.  From there, VW can continue its challenge to having a UAW micro-unit within its 2,000 plus person facility.

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional