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UAW Defeated at VW for Second Time

By Allen Kinzer

By a vote of 833 to 776, the VW workers in Chattanooga again rejected the UAW.  The vote was held from June 12 through June 14, and 93% of those VW workers eligible to vote did cast a ballot in the NLRB-supervised election.

This UAW defeat follows the UAW’s defeat in 2014.  In this 2019 election, the UAW did manage to improve its percentage of “Yes” votes compared to the 2014 election.  In 2014, the UAW garnered 46.8%. This time the UAW had 48.2% of the vote total.

The UAW may file objections to the election or unfair labor practice charges to try to overturn the result.  Unless there is legal action overturning the election, under NLRB rules the UAW will have to wait at least one year to try again for a vote at VW Chattanooga.  In the meantime, the UAW criminal corruption scandal is still brewing in Detroit with 4 former UAW officials sentenced so far.

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional