Insights for the Labor Relations Professional


Part 3: Will the Federal Government Take Over the UAW?

By Allen Kinzer

Amid the ever growing UAW corruption scandal, UAW President Gary Jones has taken a paid leave of absence, after the U.S. Justice Department accused him of embezzling over $700,000 in membership dues, among other charges.  UAW Vice President Rory Gamble has been appointed acting President, and he has hired Deloitte LLP to conduct a forensic audit of UAW finances.  His goal is to avoid a federal government take over of the union, which happened to the Teamsters for over a decade.

So far, the FBI’s investigation has netted the following officials who have been convicted and sentenced to federal prison:

  • Five UAW Officials:
    • Monica Morgan-Holiefield: 18 months
    • Norwood Jewel: 15 months
    • Nancy Johnson: 1 year + 1 day
    • Keith Mickens: 1 year + 1 day
    • Virdell King: 60 days
  • Three Chrysler Executive:
    • Al Iacobelli: 5½ years
    • Jerome Durden: 15 months
    • Michael Brown: 1 year + 1 day

Five other UAW officials have been charged, but not yet convicted and sentenced.


Insights for the Labor Relations Professional