Insights for the Labor Relations Professional

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional

An Invalid Appointment Makes For an Invalid Case

By Nelson Cary and George Stevens

Last week, a federal appeals court dismissed a petition for interim injunctive relief, but the...

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Supreme Court Sets Oral Argument in Noel Canning Case

Oral argument on the Noel Canning case will take place on January 13, 2014 before the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. As...

Tags: appointments, argument

Senate Compromises; New Picks Anticipated for NLRB Positions

The Senate has avoided a "nuclear" confrontation over several pending appointments, including the appointments of all five...

Tags: appointments, Block

Four Noteworthy Developments from Last Week

Developments in four different areas last week deserve some attention. All of them touch on issues that this blog has tracked in...

Tags: appointments

Court Hears Argument on Validity of NLRB Appointments

One of the developments I suggested labor professionals keep an eye on after the election was the validity of President Obama’s...

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional