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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional

CBAs May Bar Ohio Public Employees from Bringing IIED Claims in State Court

By Nelson Cary and Lauren Sanders

An Ohio court of appeals recently determined that a union contract may bar public employees...

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Want to Limit an Arbitrator’s Ability to Modify a Disciplinary Decision? Bargaining For It is the Best Bet!

Last week, the Ohio Supreme Court issued a decision emphasizing the power of an arbitrator to amend an employer’s disciplinary...

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NLRB Instructs Regions to Seek Informal Settlement of Class/Collective Action Waiver Cases

Following years of uncertainty, the U.S. Supreme Court will soon decide the legality of arbitration agreements that prohibit...

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Here We Go Again . . . NLRB Refuses to Back Down on Its Opposition to Class/Collective Action Waivers

Like it or not, the NLRB is at least consistent in its belief that employee participation in class or collective actions is...

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NLRB Will Not Take “No” For An Answer on Class and Collective Action Waivers

By Nelson Cary and Ben Shepler

A fine line exists between persistence and stubbornness. Only time (and the United States Supreme...

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional