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Proposed Rule Hastens Union Election Process

It is only Wednesday, and yet the week has still been a tough one for employers concerned about union-related issues. On Monday,...

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NLRB Threatens States with Lawsuit on Secret Ballot Amendments

Previously, Vorys on Labor reported on several state ballot initiatives that advanced amendments to state constitutions.  The...

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What Labor Professionals Observed on Election Day

Earlier this week, we identified three things the labor professional may want to look for in the mid-term elections.  The...

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What Labor Professionals Should Watch for on Election Day

In all of the talk about the mid-term elections on November 2, it would be easy to overlook issues that might be more important...

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NLRB Acting General Counsel Announces New 10(j) Injuction Procedures

NLRB Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon announced yesterday that the Office of the General Counsel (which acts as the...

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Organized Labor and Life Without EFCA

Over the past ten days, some interesting developments suggest that at least some in organized labor may be thinking about life...

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President Obama Speaks About EFCA

Last week, President Obama spoke to the AFL-CIO’s Executive Council.  The Executive Council has 54 members.  According to the...

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EFCA Update
By Nelson Cary On July 27, 2010

EFCA Update

Although not making nearly the news it used to, the debate over EFCA continues to swirl.  Over the last couple of weeks, some...

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional