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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional

Employer Uniform Policies Back in the Limelight at the NLRB

Many employers have policies that require employees to wear uniforms. What if an employee of such an employer, however, wants to...

Tags: Employee Handbooks, Employee Discipline, amicus briefs

Employers Get their Email Systems Back: NLRB Overrules Purple Communications

Nearly eighteen months ago, this blog asked whether employers will get their email system back. Last month, the NLRB answered...

Tags: Employee Handbooks, 'Purple Communications'

NLRB Concludes Pending Workplace Investigations May Be Kept Confidential

By Nelson Cary and Lauren Sanders

As many employers know, confidentiality can be essential to performing workplace...

Tags: Employee Handbooks, Apogee Retail, Banner Estrella

Some Guidance for Employers on Drafting Lawful Conduct Rules

Earlier this month, the NLRB’s Division of Advice (“Advice”) released a memorandum that opined on a variety of CVS Health’s (the...

Tags: Employee Handbooks, balancing

Will Employers Get Their Email Systems Back? NLRB Invites Briefs on Purple Communications

By Nelson Cary and Eric Leist

Last Wednesday, the NLRB issued a notice and invitation for parties to file briefs to address how...

Tags: Employee Handbooks, 'Purple Communications'

New NLRB Guidance Gives The Green Light On Common Sense Employee Work Rules

By Nelson Cary and Ashley Manfull

Last December, the NLRB recently established a new standard for determining the lawfulness of...

Tags: Employee Handbooks, balancing, apparel rules,

NLRB Says Portions of Hospital Policy on Dress and Grooming Standards Invalid

By Nelson Cary and Emily Papania

Recently, the NLRB held in a 2-1 decision that a California hospital’s policies barring...

Tags: Employee Handbooks

Employee Handbooks: The NLRB Pendulum Swings Back Toward Common Sense And Workplace Civility

By Nelson Cary and Ashley Manfull

The NLRB has recently brought a measure of common sense back to its review of employer...

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional