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Senate Finance Committee Holds First Hearing on Changes to Ohio Prevailing Wage Law

Last year we reported on S.B. No. 72, introduced by State Senator Matt Huffman (R), which would modify Ohio law to limit the...

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Right-to-work Legislation Introduced in Ohio

By Nelson Cary and Mike Griffaton

In October 2015, Representative Tom Brinkman introduced House Bill 377 in the Ohio General...

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Wisconsin Becomes 25th State to Adopt Right-to-Work Law

Two of my colleagues published an alert earlier today on the new Wisconsin right-to-work statute, signed into law this morning by...

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Vorys Partner Interviewed on Michigan Right-to-Work Law

For those labor professionals with a particular interest in Michigan’s right-to-work law, KROI News 92FM in Houston, Texas...

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Arizona Secret Ballot Law Survives (For Now)

Readers of this blog may recall that one outcome of the 2010 election cycle was the adoption in four states of so-called "secret...

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Senate Bill 5 Defeated in Statewide Balloting

Ohio voters defeated Issue 2 yesterday by a vote of 61% to 39%.  If passed, Issue 2 would have permitted Senate Bill 5 to take...

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UPDATE: Issue 2 Support Down in Latest Poll

Opponents of Issue 2 — the ballot question regarding the public sector collective bargaining reform bill in Ohio — got an...

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional