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Employers Get their Email Systems Back: NLRB Overrules Purple Communications

Nearly eighteen months ago, this blog asked whether employers will get their email system back. Last month, the NLRB answered...

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Will Employers Get Their Email Systems Back? NLRB Invites Briefs on Purple Communications

By Nelson Cary and Eric Leist

Last Wednesday, the NLRB issued a notice and invitation for parties to file briefs to address how...

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New Year, New Direction? Possible Decisions from The Trump NLRB in 2018 and Beyond

By Nelson Cary and Lauren Sanders

Just a few months after the NLRB became majority Republican, there are early signs that the...

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Employers Must Allow Employees to Use Employer Owned and Operated Email Systems for Union Organizing

By Nelson Cary and Ashley Manfull

Since 2007, as a result of the NLRB’s Register Guard decision, an employer could lawfully limit...

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Employers May Feel Blue About NLRB’s Purple Communications Decision

A recent decision from the NLRB is a good reminder that employer statements during union organizing activity have potentially...

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional