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Employer Uniform Policies Back in the Limelight at the NLRB

Many employers have policies that require employees to wear uniforms.  What if an employee of such an employer, however, wants to...

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Employers Take Note: Covid-19-Related Actions that Will Get the Attention of the NLRB

By Nelson Cary and Amanda Kuehner

This blog previously discussed the NLRB’s dismissal of virus-related charges.  The NLRB General...

Tags: Employee Discipline

A Series of Dismissals Occur in Virus-Related NLRB Charges Against Employers

By Nelson Cary and Amanda Kuehner

In a positive series of events for employers, the General Counsel’s Division of Advice called...

Tags: Employee Discipline

NLRB Gives Employers Greater Ability to Discipline Abusive Conduct

Employees probably just lost the ability to tell their boss to f*** off.  When considering an employee’s protected activity, the...

Tags: Employee Discipline, Atlantic Steel, abusive conduct

NLRB Affirms that Employers May Prohibit Employees from Discussing Ongoing Investigations

By Nelson Cary and Lauren Sanders

Hard to believe these days, but non-Covid-19-related developments do still pop up from...

Tags: Employee Discipline

Protesting, Non-Union Worker Did Not Lose NLRA Protections

Some precedent at the NLRB may be changing, but some is not.  Relying on a 40-year old case, the NLRB recently ruled that an Ohio...

Tags: Employee Discipline, Atlantic Steel

Employers Continue to Lose Social Media Cases at the NLRB

Employers firing employees for the content of their social media posts continue to do so at their own risk.  An NLRB decision...

Tags: Employee Discipline

Employer Access Policy Lawful, But Unlawfully Applied

A recent NLRB decision hit on two issues of potential interest to labor professionals. The first, covered in today’s post,...

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional