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NLRB Returns to Former Stance on Employers’ Obligations to Continues Dues Checkoff after CBAs Expire

By Nelson Cary and Eric Leist

On Monday, the NLRB reinstated its long-standing position that the NLRA does not require employers...

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Who Needs a 50-Year-Old Rule? Employers Must Now Continue Dues Deductions Even After Union Contract Expires

Reversing a rule that has been in place for over 50 years, the NLRB has ruled that a “dues checkoff” provision in a union...

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A Limit on Micro-Unions for Now, but Long-Term Significance of Limitation Uncertain

On the heels of the much anticipated decision involving the Macy’s department store chain, discussed on this blog last week, the...

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Employer Must Bargain With Union Over Rule Adopted to Comply with OSHA General Duty Clause

Cell phones, iPods, radios, blue tooth earpieces:  common electronic gadgets in our world today.  Labor professionals frequently...

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Ohio State Employment Relations Board Rules Police Captains May Be Included in Bargaining Unit

A threshold issue in labor relations is which grouping of employees constitutes an appropriate bargaining unit.  Those who are...

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Insights for the Labor Relations Professional